Progressive, influential, innovative; Tom Frank is one of the world’s most reputable fragrance houses. Contemporary, unique, and finely crafted; it has been redefining luxury for decades. Unrivalled, unique, cutting-edge, and limited; Tom Frank provides superior luxury for the elite.

Tom Frank is one of the brands of pioneering luxury group Innefablux, which has proved itself a leader both in France and across the world with its
luxurious fragrances and sunglasses.

Tom Frank products are available in limited supply – for the fortunate few.


Tom Frank products are superior, designed with royalty in mind. For decades, only the very wealthiest and most powerful people were lucky enough
to wear them. Now Tom Frank products are available for those who have learned to appreciate distinctive styling paired with the very highest quality.

Tom Frank fragrances are designed by award-winning noses and made using innovative production techniques. The products abide by a strict code of ethics.

Sublime, fabulous, and luxurious – indulge your passion for all things royal with the Tom Frank collection. Available exclusively via the Innefablux website.